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Samsung Bada New rival for Android

With its new mobile Bada, Samsung wants to reduce its dependence on system Android, Google. The Korean manufacturer is also considering offering its own software to its rivals, reproducing the form that enabled Android commercially successful explosive in recent years.

Samsung Bada Operating system for smartphone

Samsung Bada OS

Bada is a mobile system of the unknown North American public, Samsung was originally marketed in late 2009, in Europe and some emerging markets. It allowed him to occupy 1.9% of the market of mobile telephony, but Samsung would like to go further with its software.


Not only do phones Bada could land on the U.S. market, but it could also be good with different versions for other devices, such as shelves and televisions. According to the Wall Street Journal , Samsung count also offer other manufacturers in the form of free software, mimicking the approach taken by Google to distribute Android as quickly as possible.

So What’s so Alarming for Android?

Like Google, Samsung loves computers in all its forms, except that if the Korean group is everywhere, it’s a bit thanks to Android, a system that can be used any number of ways. To date, it is an approach that has benefited the two giants: Samsung is currently the largest retailer of appliances in the world system, Android, and Android mobile platform has become the largest in the market mobility computing, currently with 48% of global share.

In recent weeks, analysts have widely speculated on the future of this association. Not only is that Google recently acquired Motorola Mobility, a leading rival to Samsung, but the Korean retailer is involved in several legal disputes with Apple, challenging its use of certain functions of Android on its products.

By creating its own system, and Samsung could get rid of an ally who seems more his problem. However, some observers note, the company could thus isolate themselves, risking the same fate as Nokia, whose troubles began in earnest after the acquisition of Symbian, the expense of other less closed.

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