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No more Invitations – Google + is open to all audiences


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Google’s social network is no longer a ‘private club’. After three months of testing, Google has now announced that it is no longer necessary to have an Invitation in order to open an account with Google + .

This was announced by the company on thier blog : “We are ready to spend the period of the beta test.” The change comes at a time when the furor over the new network was failing after a few months in which record-breaking high users .

This new Step by the Mountain View company to your project comes two days before the conference which is scheduled to Facebook , which is expected to announce new services in Zuckerberg’s social network.

Google + Application on your Phone

Google also announced the extension of video conferencing to mobile devices, which allow Google + making video calls from these terminals .

The function ‘Hangout’, in which up to nine users can have a video-can now be used with smart phones equipped with cameras and have the Android operating system . Google added that “soon” will be support for Apple devices.

“Hangouts should be in line with how you have sex in the real world. That’s why we are launching today on the device that is always near you: mobile phone,” said Vic Gundotra vice president of engineering at the blog.

These ‘are’ included a “whiteboard” on which you can draw with the mouse. In addition, Google + label will allow these “left” under a name so that social network users can “talk about a live issue” with the people they invite.

Google also announced that the search will be available from the social network, and has incorporated improvements in the system searches for people and content. The tool will allow people and find relevant content based on user preferences.

All these changes are an attempt by Google to try to strengthen their social network to compete with Facebook , which has 750 million users. Analysts: Google currently has about 25 million users registered.

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