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Chrome Web Store now available in 24 countries

A place where the users now can find Internet applications for the browser and allowing you to test and finally buy the most interest

Chrome Web Store Now in 24 countries

Chrome Web Store

The world of electronic commerce and application of new walks past few weeks. Amazon After landing in our country in the earthquake business has created reaches the Chrome Web Store, the App Store Google web browser was launched nine months ago in the United States and is now available in our country.


This is a place where the user can find some Internet applications for the browser and allows you to test and finally buy the most interest.

Thanks to this new service developers and publishers can add applications that users can then use and purchase, such as Doolphy to manage projects online, 3DTin dimensional modeling in the browser or what I cook today? To find recipes for easy and effective way.

However, to download any of these applications you have downloaded the Internet giant’s browser. Google intended by this leadership to address Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers used by users, besides giving a boost to applications business in Spain and 23 other countries.

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