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10 rumors to be considered about new Apple gadgets

The imminent arrival of the iPhone and iPad 5 3 is unleashing rivers of ink. Each day brings new rumors about the possible developments that could incorporate the new devices. True or false, the question is that does not stop talking about it. However, we have to wait to really know how they will be the new Apple products.

1. The iPhone will be launched this fall 5

The latest rumors suggest that the new version of Apple’s flagship product will arrive in September or October. As usual, Apple neither confirms nor denies but the date of the talk seems the right time for the device makes its appearance.

Verizon iphones pulling apps developers away from android2. Will it happen the same with the iPhone 3?

There are many rumors circulating on the Internet that claim that the iPhone 3 vwas the light in autumn and also incorporate 4G connectivity and better terms than its previous version.

3. Larger screens to mimic the competition

One of the biggest problems is that iPhone is smaller than its competitors. In fact, the iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy II, however, has 4.3 inch screen.
This certainly hurts Apple as larger screens seem to attract more consumers. Developing a larger device, Apple could match its competitors and end critics who prefer devices with larger screens.

4. The iPhone 4G connectivity 3 will include

Another small problem for Apple tablet is that its competitors offer 4G connectivity while the iPhone only came with 2 conceto 3G. Therefore, everything points to the 4G incorporate iPad3 to join the competition.

5. The iPhone will be governed by IOS 5

Apple typically offers its new smartphones in the latest version of your operating system, so there is no reason to think that this time will be different. The question is will there iOS 5 while the iPhone or we want to see it before?

6. The operating system is IOS iPad 3

Like the iPhone 5, it is quite possible that the iPad 3 use IOS operating system. In fact, Apple has already announced it would incorporate improvements iOS 5 your customers might enjoy, suggesting that the new tablet from apple company would not IOS 4.

7. The iPhone will come with NFC 5

NFC technology is the new craze in the mobile space. At the beginning of the year was Google who revealed that their service would support NFC Wallet with Android based smartphones integrating credit card information and offering users the ability to pay from their phones.
However, the NFC market is still in its infancy and is unlikely to grow until Apple comes into this space. Can the giant iPhone Apple do with 5? We have to wait.

8. Multiple models for the iPad?

Tablets in the market for many companies already offer devices with screens of various sizes. Samsung, for example,Ipad Galleryhas 10.1-inch version and 7.7-inches. Dell, meanwhile, offers its first 5-inch tablet Streak then launch 7. Rumors suggest that Apple might try to sell a smaller one. It seems unlikely, but you never know.

9. The iPhone will be available with more operators

In the U.S. the iPhone 4 is available in Verizon and AT & T but recent rumors suggest that Apple could also offer its new smartphone on Sprint. And now that the merger between AT & T and T-Mobile USA could go to ruin, it is possible T-Mobile also offers the iPhone 5. And the fact that the new iPhone be available to more operators could be very good for the Cupertino firm.

10. The iPhone will come with retinal display

One of the qualities of the iPhone 4 is provided with Retinal Display , a high resolution display of the best on the market. However, the iPad 2 did not. It seems that the iPhone could begin to incorporate 3. If finally you do it would be another plus for Apple.

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