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SensorsView Pro v3.2 Build 10280 Free Download

SensorsView Pro v3.2 Build 10280

SensorView Pro v3.2 Build 10280

SensorsView is a utility, that monitors the temperature of your CPU, northbridge, motherboard, VGA and hard disks, as well as voltages and fan speeds (as supported by your motherboard).It can alert you if the values reach a critical level, and also provide a complete overview of the measurements. At critical values of any parameters (CPU overheating, fan stop) SensorsView will inform you about it and store info in the log file, also it is possible to shut down computer, play any sound, execute the application (command) or send email. You can set name, chart color, icon, critical threshold and if it is necessary, correction for all possible controllable parameters. In addition, the program shows usage of CPU, physical memory, HDD, NIC (Network Interface Connection).

• Support almost all monitoring chips and motherboards.
• Notification at critical values.
• You can set a threshold of concern and correction.
• Sending email.
• Graphs.
• Showing chosen parameter in the tray.
• Showing CPU usage.
• Showing physical memory usage.
• Showing HDD usage.
• Showing NIC usage.
• Auto-check for new versions.
• Log file for events and warning messages.

Supported Chips:
• Winbond: W83781d, W83782d, W83783s, W83627HF, W83627EHF, W83627THF, W83637HF, W83697HF, W83L784, W83L785
• Via: Via 686, VT1211
• SMSC: LPC47Mxxx
• ITE: ITE8705F, ITE8712F
• ASUS: AS99127F rev.1, AS99127F rev.2, ASB100
• National Semiconductors: LM63, LM75, LM77, LM78, LM78-J, LM79, LM80, LM85, LM87, LM90, PC83630, PC83633, PC83634, PC83635, PC83636
• Analog Devices: ADT7476, ADM1027, ADM1028, ADM1030, ADM1031
• Maxim: MAX1617, MAX1618, MAX1619
• Genesys Logic: GL520, GL523

If the program does not finds monitoring chips on your computer, send us information about your system (motherboard model, CPU, chipset, etc.) and we will try to add support for your mobo. Also if possible please send us file ‘debug.txt’ from installation folder of SensorsView.





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