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Noromis PhotoLab v2.20 Free Download

Photolab v4.02

Noromis Photolab v2.20

It’s happened to us all. Hosting a big party—your family reunion, your daughter’s 5th birthday, your parent’s 40th anniversary—and just as you prepare to take the key picture using your digital camera, you realize that your memory card is full.

By the time you re-learn how to download your photos to your computer and empty the card, the moment is past. Not anymore! With Noromis PhotoLab, simply plug your camera or card into your USB port. Noromis PhotoLab promptly detects the hardware and instantly downloads your photos and deletes them from your camera in a totally simple two step process. You can even have Noromis PhotoLab automatically correct the orientation, enhance lighting, and fix red eye, and then print your photos—all during the same work session! Your camera is ready for the next shot, and you have perfect photos waiting for you when you come back.

Let Noromis PhotoLab fix it for you

There are numerous photo editing software packages available to you. You’ve used them, and you know it takes too much of your precious time to learn how to do it right! Hundreds of hours that you could spend enjoying your photos, scrapbooking them, and sharing them with family and friends, that you are instead spending time fixing red eye, lighting, and color balance. There’s only one Noromis PhotoLab that intelligently does all these photo corrections on all of your photos for you with just a click of a button! Select the photos you want to fix, then click Auto Fix and watch as Noromis PhotoLab individually analyzes and corrects each photo—or go take a break, have a cup of coffee, and come back to fabulous, vibrant photos, ready to print! It’s a really speedy process, yet done so carefully and automatically that your average PC can process more than 20 photos per minute. Probably better time than “Instant” coffee.
One-click editing toolsOne-click editing tools

All the tools you need are at your fingertips. No more hunting to find the menu or palette that let’s you crop or enhance. Click the Fix tab and you can

* Rotate right or left: Rotate 90 or 270 degrees.
* Auto fix/Adjust Auto Fixes: Auto fix or fine tune the Auto Fixes Noromis PhotoLab applied.
* Fix red eye: Automatically fix red eyes.
* Reduce noise: Automatically detect and remove digital noise.
* Refine skin appearance: Brighten, smooth, or adjust the hue of skin tones.
* Crop: Define a crop box, or crop to a standard photo size.
* Fix history: View a list of changes you’ve made so far, and go back and remove one or more of them,while retaining the other fixes.





Let Noromis PhotoLab fix it for you

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