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Free Download Windows XP Gamer Edition by DarkSide XP

A small, high-performance, and stylish version of  Windows XP.

Programs removed from this version of xp include IE, Outlook Express, accessories and games, and many little pointless and old programs that windows is cluttered with. The minimum RAM and HD space requirements have been removed. Windows XP Gamer Edition is fully unattended and takes under 30 minutes to install! This OS is also a great choice for older computers because it is easy on the system compared to standard windows XP. This version of XP is only 377mb, that is a lot smaller than the standard size of about 500mb. Windows XP Gamer Edition is 100% better than DarkSide XP’s Previous release, Windows XP Punisher Edition. This XP includes the following software: Xfire, Fraps, Nod32 Antivirus, and Firefox 3. Notes: Before you use fraps you must manually configure the output folder for screenshots and videos. DarkSide XP has not removed the upgrade features from this XP but I have NOT attempted to upgrade from within windows.


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