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Free Download Norton Systemworks 2009 Premier Edition v12.0.0.52

Norton Systemworks 2009 Premier Edition

Norton SystemWorks 2009 keeps your computer healthy and running at peak performance with its many diagnostic & performance tools.

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Key Technologies:

NEW! Norton™ Pulse Updates
NEW! Norton Insight
NEW! Norton Protection System
Norton AntiVirus™ 2009
Norton Save & Restore 2.0
Disk imaging from Norton Ghost™
Incremental and differential backups
Norton Disk Doctor™
Norton Speed Disk™
Norton Cleanup
Norton WipeInfo™
System Optimizer
CheckIt™ Diagnostics
One-Button Checkup

Key Features:

-Stops viruses, worms, spyware, bots, and more-Keeps your system protected against malicious threats
-Provides Norton Insight-Delivers innovative, intelligence-driven technology for faster, fewer, shorter scans
-Delivers rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes-Provides up-to-the-minute protection against new threats
-Blocks browser exploits and protects against infected Web sites-Allows you to surf the Internet with confidence
-Creates full system and file backups-Keeps all of your system files, application settings, and important data safeguarded from PC disaster
-Restore from system failure-Recovers your system and data even when you can’t restart your operating system
-Defragments, cleans, and repairs hard drive-Keeps your computer clean and running at peak level
-Diagnoses and fixes PC problems-Automatically detects and fixes Windows® issues
-Removes Internet clutter-Cleans up unwanted cookies, cache files, and temporary files that slow your computer’s performance
-Recovers deleted files-Searches disks for deleted files and restores them to their original state (available on XP only)
-Deletes securely-Securely and permanently removes sensitive files from your PC
-Maintains your PC with one click-Defragments and optimizes your hard drive for better performance

More Information:

Norton AntiVirus™ 2009—engineered for speed

NEW! Saves time and improves performance with Norton Insight
NEW! Installs in under one minute on average (dependent upon system
configuration) and requires less than 8 MB of memory. More info

Up-to-the-minute protection

NEW! Delivers up-to-the-minute protection with rapid pulse updates
every 5 to 15 minutes
NEW! Prevents bots from taking control of your PC
NEW! Boots and repairs badly infected PCs with recovery tool. More info
NEW! Delivers our most complete, deep cleaning scan possible
IMPROVED! Defends against Web-based attacks
IMPROVED! Provides multilayered security through the Norton
Protection System

Control without disruptions

NEW! Automatically schedules scans and updates to occur while PC is idle
NEW! Allows you to review the security status of every process on your PC
NEW! Helps ensure movies and games are never interrupted
Maps your wireless home network

Norton Save & Restore 2.0—full system backup and restore
Creates full system and file backups
Automatically backs up on schedule and events
Reduces system slowdown with incremental and differential backup

Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition utilities—enhanced PC performance
Diagnoses and fixes hard drive problems
Defragments, cleans, and repairs the hard drive for optimized performance
Quickly and permanently removes unwanted Internet cookies, cache, and
temporary files that slow down your PC
Speeds up your system by preventing the automatic loading of undesired
software applications
Identifies and fixes problems with the Windows registry, system files, and
software applications
Searches disks for deleted files and recovers them to their original state
Safely and permanently removes sensitive files from your computer
Allows you to easily see which software processes are running on your system
and which ones are affecting its overall performance
Enables you to customize Windows settings according to the way you use your
Maintains your PC with one click of the button
Evaluates the performance of your system and hardware and compares it with
other systems


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