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Free Download Norton SystemWorks 2009 Premier Edition

Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition provides fast, continuous protection against malicious threats, backs up everything on your PC, and boosts your computer’s performance.

Working quickly and quietly in the background, the included full version of Norton AntiVirus 2009 software has been completely re-engineered and sets a new standard for speed in its defense against viruses, spyware, worms, bots, and other malicious threats. Norton Systemworks Premier has rapid pulse updates and new Norton Insight utilize extensive online intelligence to target only those processes at risk, resulting in faster, fewer, and shorter scans. And the new Norton Protection System employs a multi-layered set of security technologies that work in concert to detect, identify, and block attacks.

The included full version of Norton Save & Restore 2.0 uses powerful disk imaging technology from Norton Ghost to create full system and file backups. If disaster strikes, you can quickly restore from system failures and recover lost or damaged files. Incremental and differential backups reduce system slowdown by backing up only files that have changed. And advanced compression and encryption minimize storage space and help keep sensitive documents safe.

Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition utilities boost your PC’s performance and keep it running at an optimized level. The utilities tools diagnose and fix Windows® errors; defragment, clean, and repair hard drives; and remove unwanted Internet clutter such as cookies and Web files. System Optimizer allows you to customize Windows settings according to the way you use your PC, and Process Viewer shows applications that are running to help you identify programs that are affecting performance.

Key Benefits of Norton SystemWorks Premier
* Stops viruses, worms, spyware, bots, and more — Keeps your system protected against malicious threats.
* Provides Norton Insight — Delivers innovative, intelligence-driven technology for faster, fewer, shorter scans.
* Delivers rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes — Provides up-to-the minute protection against new threats.
* Blocks browser exploits and protects against infected Web sites — Allows you to surf the Internet with confidence.
* Creates full system and file backups — Keeps all of your system files, application settings, and important data safeguarded from PC disaster.
* Restores from system failure — Recovers your system and data even when you can’t restart your operating system.
* Defragments, cleans, and repairs the hard drive — Keeps your computer clean and running at peak level.
* Diagnoses and fixes PC problems — Automatically detects and fixes Windows® issues.
* Removes Internet clutter — Cleans up unwanted cookies, cache files, and temporary files that slow your computer’s performance.
* Recovers deleted files — Searches disks for deleted files and restores them to their original state [Available on Windows XP only].
* Deletes securely — Securely and permanently removes sensitive files from your PC.
* Maintains your PC with one click — Defragments and optimizes your hard drive for better performance.

Norton SystemWorks Premier – Key Features
* Norton AntiVirus™ 2009 — Provides fast, continuous protection against viruses, spyware, worms, bots, and other threats.
* Rapid pulse updates — Deliver up-to-the-minute protection against new threats.
* Norton Insight — Offers innovative, intelligence-driven technology for faster, fewer, shorter scans.
* Norton Protection System — Provides multi-layered protection working in concert to stop threats before they impact you.
* Norton Save & Restore 2.0 — Backs up everything on your computer and recovers from system failure.
* Incremental and differential backups — Help to reduce system slowdown by backing up only files that have changed.
* Norton Disk Doctor™ — Diagnoses and fixes hard drive problems.
* Norton Speed Disk™ — Defragments, cleans, and repairs the hard drive for enhanced performance.
* Norton Cleanup — Quickly and permanently removes Internet cookies, cache files, and temporary files that slow your computer’s performance.
* Norton UnErase™ Wizard — Searches disks for accidentally deleted files and recovers them to their original state [Available on Windows XP only].
* Process Viewer — Allows you to easily see which software processes are running on your system and which ones are affecting its overall performance.
* System Optimizer — Puts you in charge of Windows® by allowing you to control access to your Windows settings.
* CheckIt™ Diagnostics — Performs a physical examination of your PC’s hardware to determine its stability and capability.
* One-Button Checkup — Maintains your PC with the click of a button.
* Norton WipeInfo™ — Safely and permanently removes unwanted files from your computer.

System Requirements:
Windows Vista® and Windows Vista SP1 Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate, Windows® XP SP2/SP3 Home Edition/Professional
* 400 MHz or faster processor
* 512 MB of RAM
* 500 MB of available hard disk space

Required for all installations:
* CD-ROM or DVD drive for software installation on media
* Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or later
* Mozilla Firefox® 2.0 or later
* Super VGA (800×600) or higher resolution video adapter and monitor
* DirectX 8.0 or later for Performance Test™ by PassMark™ software**

Email scanning supported for standard POP3 and SMTP compatible email clients.

Supported instant messaging clients:
* AOL® 4.7 or later
* Yahoo!® 5.x and 6.x or later
* Microsoft 6.0 or later
* Trillian™ 3.1 or later

Supported file system and devices:
* FAT16, FAT16X, FAT32, FAT32X
* Dynamic Disks
* Linux® EXT2/3 and Linux Swap Partitions

Supported hard drives and removable media:
* CDR/RW and DVD+/-R/RW drives
* USB and FireWire® (IEEE 1394) devices
* Iomega® Zip® and Jaz® drives

Size: 215 MB

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