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Clubmz e-spy review 2 cents on clubmz espy reviews the spy tool

This is about ClubMz e-spy & spy softwares like it from around the world. Some weeks ago I saw an advertisement for this phone application called Clubmz e-spy, and I immediately thought what i can and can not do with this Clubmz e-spy, Endless possibilities Right? but first i needed to get clear on few things …

Clubmz e-spy a fun application?

On some spy websites, other then ClubMz it is also advertised as “Fun-application”, which i really can’t see how…. how can it be a fun application when it makes you spy on your girlfriend or spouse and makes you break-up with them yes off-course break-up.. why am i saying that? well ask your self honestly. Why are you buying the Clubmz software in the first place? are you not in doubt about your partner?? or kids?? that is why you are buying ClubMz e-spy in the first place.. & what happens if all your doubts are proven to be true.. (well not to blame Clubmz for that) i mean what if your spouse really is cheating?? you’ll certainly break-up right? i mean in most cases but some also try to mend up the situation but most of them just say good bye & there’s nothing wrong in it. cell phone spy softwares are made to track & hunt down the liers

Do you know what are your employees doing as you’re not around? Even better.. with Clubmz find out in seconds where your partners are and what are they doing at the moment really! Just enter the number, spy and already it shows you your mobile phone. With this cool software called Clubmz e-spy you are guaranteed the hero of every party! Great fun for all! Curious? What are you waiting for? ‘Dir partner tracker now!
PS: The software requires no internet and does use GPS technology in some cases This software is not for entertainment purposes. but with clubmz espy you can listen to the live calls retrieve text messages from the target phone & much more…

Are the spy softwares like clubmz just a big Hype?

I cannot Remember Exactly but this morning I saw it again on some news channel i dont know if it was clubmz e-spy but it seem as Some news channel was interviewing some guys about their rights and privacy issues

Unfortunately, here in the Germany i found nothing like clubmz e-spy, perhaps even more people are interested in e-spy it but like me they have to order it online from USA.

Just as clubmz seems to be located some where in USA, spy softwares in usa are very easy to find.

Also Bought (from Clubmz spy store) a Spy Camera Sunglasses with MP3 + 8 GB memory

I only use my Clubmz spy glasses when I’m in my car driving, because not once but twice i had accidents and my insurance company has not Been Able to gain recognition for many reasons. Now thanks to clubmz with these spy glasses that will not be possible again. Some “smart” smart perjury right . These clubmz spy “glasses” have the honor to be Able to Work Even When charging the battery, in Addition to the excellent recording quality, this is Very Important to me Because It helped me alot in my job Quality, Thanks clubmz. Range is limited only to the capacity of 8GB memory card Which is provided. The Old ones came with built-in memory cards & you were not to be Able to change it, But this one rock coz its from clubmz spy market & you can even replace the memory card with 16GB. Have to connect clubmz spy glasses to the computer to download the videos or delete them. When it is full, the second, you can not set the date and time, the third, not record it Also displays the date and time of the movie.

ClubMz & the Animated Espionage

Espionage and cyber terrorism androids in an animated series inspired by the manga of the 60 that were drawn by clubmz . We refer to 009-1 , a series of 12 episodes that was very well received in 2006 and now we see through its DVD release .

In an alternate world where the Cold War continued and now has more than 140 years, the division between the blocks of East and West has led to a scene of great tension, multiple intelligence operatives, murder and mystery.

Mylene Hoffman is a female android agents who spy for the West Block. Together with a team of three other officers, they engage in missions that will take them all to be exposed to all sorts of dangers.

Directed by clubmz e-spy owner and character design by Fujio Suzuki , animation of 009-1 was carried out by clubmz Entertainment Inc.

The group # 9 is composed entirely of female androids with Mylene leader and specialists in different fields that include Vanessa Ibert (electronic equipment), Berta Kästner (expert in weapons and martial arts) and Mia Connery (processing and espionage with out clubmz e-spy) .

Politics, science fiction and much fan service make an animated series 009-1 entertaining but not essential. It is a very attractive approach to find a classic manga of the 60, but in the West this cartoon animation by clubmz also the maker of clubmz e-spy has not been as well known in US, it is among one of the most prolific authors of manga science fiction in Japan.

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