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Free Download Nirvana: Outcesticide (8CD Boxset)


This is a series of 8 Bootlegged Nirvana CDs featuring Demo’s, Alternate Version, Unreleased Tracks, Extended Versions, Outtakes and various Live recordings. The Outcesticide discs remain among the most celebrated Nirvana bootlegs of all time.

Track Lists:


01.  If You Must (Demo)
02.  Downer (Demo)
03.  Floyd The Barber (Demo)
04.  Paper Cuts (Demo)
05.  Spank Thru (Demo)
06.  Beeswax (Demo)
07.  Pen Cap Chew (Demo)
08.  Blandest
09.  Polly (Acoustic)
10.  Misery Loves Company
11.  Sappy (Acoustic)
12.  Do You Love Me
13.  Been A Son
14.  Junkyard
15.  Opinion
16.  D7 (Alternate Version)
17.  Imodium (Unreleased)
18.  Pay To Play (Unreleased)
19.  Sappy (Unreleased)
20.  Here She Comes Now
21.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night
22.  Return of The Rat
23.  Talk To Me


01.  In Bloom (Unreleased)
02.  Imodium (Early Version)
03.  Help Me (Unreleased)
04.  Oh The Guilt (Live)
05.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Alternate Version)
06.  Pennyroyal Tea (Early Version)
07.  It’s Closing Soon (Rio Tape)
08.  Heart Shaped Box (Early Version)
09.  Scentless Apprentice (Extended Version)
10.  Been A Son (Accoustic Rehearsal)
11.  Something In The Way (Accoustic)
12.  Negative Creep  (Accoustic)
13.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Solo)
14.  Baba O’Riley (Covering The Who in Rennes)
15.  The End (Slaughtering The Doors in Belgium)
16.  Lithium (Unreleased Studio Version)
17.  Dumb
18.  Mollys Lips (Early Version)
19.  In His Hands (Unreleased)
20.  The Man Who Sold The World (Electric Version)
21.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live)


01.  Love Buzz (Maida Vale Studios)
02.  About A Girl (Maida Vale Studios)
03.  Polly (Maida Vale Studios)
04.  Spank Thru (Maida Vale Studios)
05.  Son of A Gun (Maida Vale Studios)
06.  Mollys Lips (Maida Vale Studios)
07.  D7 (Maida Vale Studios)
08.  Turnaround (Maida Vale Studios)
09.  Dumb (Maida Vale Studios)
10.  Drain You (Maida Vale Studios)
11.  Endless Nameless (Maida Vale Studios)
12.  Been A Son (Maida Vale Studios)
13.  Polly (Maida Vale Studios)
14.  Aneurysm (Maida Vale Studios)
15.  Something In The Way (Maida Vale Studios)
16.  Here She Comes Now (Hilversum Studios)
17.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Hilversum Studios)
18.  Drain You (MTV Studios)
19.  Polly (MTV Studios)
20.  Territorial Pissings (MTV Studios)
21.  Rape Me


01.  Smells Like A Teen Spirit (Gothic)
02.  Marigold (Demo)
03.  Oh The Guilt (Outtake)
04.  My (Moist Vagina) (Outtake)
05.  Do You Love Me (Outtake)
06.  Curmudgeon (Outtake)
07.  Into The Dirt (Outtake)
08.  Return of The Rat (Outtake)
09.  Verse Chorus Verse (Outtake)
10.  I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
11.  Frances Farmer (Demo)
12.  About A Girl (Outtake)
13.  Breed (Demo)
14.  Turn Around (Outtake)
15.  Mollys Lips (Performed in Hollywood)
16.  Spank Thru (Performed in Hollywood)
17.  Drain You (Performed in Chicago)
18.  School (Performed in Seattle)
19.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Performed in Seattle)
20.  Lithium (Performed in Seattle)
21.  Territorial Pissings (Performed in Seattle)


01.  Rape Me (Solo Acoustic Demo)
02.  Pennyroyal Tea (Solo Acoustic Demo)
03.  Drain You (Live)
04.  Marigold (Demo)
05.  Dive (Early Version)
06.  Mr Moustache (Early Version)
07.  Blandest (Original Scrapped B-Side)
08.  Even In His Youth (Demo)
09.  Polly (Solo Acoustic Demo)
10.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Rehearsal Demo)
11.  Serve The Servants (Solo Acoustic Demo)
12.  Dumb (Radio Appearance)
13.  The Eagle Has Landed
14.  Aneurysm (Demo)
15.  Oh The Guilt
16.  Dive
17.  About A Girl (Solo Acoustic Demo)
18.  The Money Will Roll Right In
19.  In His Hands
20.  Curmudgeon
21.  Alcohol
22.  Run Rabbit Run


01.  Territorial Pissing
02.  Opinion
03.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live)
04.  Love Buzz
05.  Rape Me (Alternate)
06.  Serve The Servants
07.  Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam
08.  I Can Live
09.  Dive (Studio Outtake)
10.  About A Girl (Studio Outtake)
11.  Disco Goddess (Studio Outtake)
12.  Mexican Seafood (Studio Outtake)
13.  Mr Moustache (Studio Outtake)
14.  Sifting (Studio Outtake)
15.  Aero Zeppelin (Studio Outtake)
16.  Scoff (Live)
17.  Love Buzz 2 (Live)
18.  Floyd The Barber (Live)
19.  Dive 2 (Live)
20.  Spank Thru (Live)
21.  Big Cheese (Live)


01.  Pennyroyal Tea
02.  Spank Thru
03.  Territorial Pissings (Live — Tonight With Jonathan Ross 1991)
04.  Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live — Top of The Pops 1991)
05.  Rape Me (Live)
06.  Pay To Play (Live)
07.  Scoff (Live)
08.  Love Buzz (Live)
09.  Floyd The Barber (Live)
10.  Here She Comes Now (Live)
11.  D7 (Live)
12.  Drain You (Demo)
13.  About A Girl
14.  Lithium
15.  Blew
16.  All Apologies (Live)
17.  My Sharona (Live)
18.  Sappy (Live)
19.  Bambi Slaughter (Demo)
20.  Clean Up Before She Comes (Demo)
21.  Black And White Blues (Demo)
22.  Montage of Heck Part 1 (Sound Collage)
23.  Escalator To Hell (Sound Collage)


01.  Drain You (Live)
02.  Milk It
03.  I’m A Mountain (Live)
04.  In Bloom (Live)
05.  Floyd The Barber
06.  Aneurysm (Demo)
07.  It’s Closing Soon (Rehearsal Demo)
08.  Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol
09.  Serve The Servants
10.  All Apologies
11.  Marijuana
12.  Swap Meet (Only Known Recording)
13.  Hairspray Queen
14.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night
15.  Down In The Dark
16.  In My Eyes (Live)
17.  Sliver
18.  In Bloom
19.  Big Long Now
20.  Love Buzz

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