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Free Download The Holy Quran DVD PAL

All the Quran in only one DVD with a high quality of video and sound!
Interface Language: English, French and Arabic

This DVD allows you to simultaneously listen to and follow the recitation of the Holy Qur?an by the prominent Shaykh Abdur Rahman Alsudais, Shaykh Su’ud Shuraim and Shaykh Salah Al-Taleb. English and French translations of verses and the highlighting of verses as they are recited make this DVD exceptional. Using special technology, the whole Qur?an has been collected onto a single DVD, with more than 30 hours of high quality videos.

The interactive menus give you direct access to all 114 chapters. You can also browse between verses using remote control. The exceptional stereo sound quality of this DVD makes it an ideal tool for learning and contemplating the Holy Qur?an.


Duration: 19h 37mn

Interactive menus and chapters

Subtitles (translation ): English and French

Navigate between Surahs and verses

Direct access to all 114 chapters

Interface Language: English, French and Arabic

Bonuses: A selection of pictures of beautiful mosques and the holy sites of Islam

Evolution of the scripts used in Qur?anic manuscripts over fourteen centuries

The 99 Names of God.

Quick guide to use your interactive DVD fully:

The following buttons on your DVD remote will help you interact with your Quran DVD.

Arrows and OK/Select buttons: Press these to navigate the DVD.

The “Repeat” button: Press the repeat button to have a verse or surat (chapter) repeated for you. Press once or twice to switch between repeating verses or surats.

The “(DISC) MENU” button: Press the menu button to return to the menu.

The “TITLE” button: Press the title button to return to the very start of the DVD, language selection.

The “?” and ” ?” buttons: Press these to skip between verses and surats. You can also use these buttons to quickly skip to the end or start of a verse to hear it again, for example.

The “SUBTITLE” button: Press this button to select what language the subtitles should be.

This DVD allows you to listen and follow simultaneously the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Shaykh Al-Hudhaifi. The phonetic transcription and highlighting of verses during the Qur’anic recitation make this DVD exceptional; as well as, the high quality sound makes it an ideal tool to learn and contemplate the Holy Qur’an.

Model – Format: DVD All zones – PAL

Language: French – Arabic – English


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