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Free Download FlipAlbum Vista Pro v7.0.1.363 Retail FOSI


RLS DATE …………..: 13-Dec-2008
PROTECTiON …………: s/n
REQUiREMENTS ……….: Windows OS

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to obtain a good
overview of your image and multimedia files in a folder, but have
not been satisfied with what is currently available? Have you also
wished you can export your images and multimedia files onto a CD
and distribute them? If so, welcome to FlipAlbum« Vista!

FlipAlbum« Vista is a novel album creator and image editor that
allow the user to view and edit images resident in a folder by
automatically creating a virtual photo album. The photo album
created works like a real one, with pages that can be flipped and
with page thickness on each side corresponding to the number of
pages in the album. The album, or FlipBook created allows the user
to browse through his images, bookmark them, and perform various
commands such as copy, move and edit between different albums in a
convenient manner. FlipAlbum« Vista therefore provides a most
intuitive way to organize and view through your image collections
in a book form, a feature not commonly found in other image
viewing software.

FlipAlbum« Vista automatically creates a FlipBook out of each
directory, and two FlipBooks can be created under two separate
windows for easy viewing and manipulation. In other words, the
user can open more than one FlipBook for viewing at any given
time. The ability to view image files in both folders
simultaneously greatly facilitates the moving or copying of files
between different directories.

With FlipAlbum« Vista Suite, you can export your completed albums
onto CDs and share them with your family and friends.

With FlipAlbum« Vista Pro, you can also export your completed
albums onto CDs, add security features to the CDs and distribute
them for commercial purposes.

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