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The Economist: The World In 2009 – ebook Free Download

The Economist: The World In 2009 - ebook

The Economist: The World In 2009- ebook

English | 206 pages | PDF | 5.8 MB

The World in 2009 – a special issue distributed to all paid subscribers active in December 2008

America’s new hope
But in 2009 Barack Obama will have to learn how to say no both at home and abroad.

Buckle up
Robin Bew expects even tougher times ahead for the global economy.

Come to order
There will be a struggle over how to regulate finance and it will not be pretty.

The year of unsustainability
We will see whether business and governments are serious about sustainability.

Banning the bomb
It will just be talk, of course — but, as Peter David points out, talk has its uses.




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