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Free Conversation Guide for Men: What to Talk to Girls About!

conversation guide for men

Free Conversation Guide for Men: What to Talk to Girls About!



I. Introduction – Getting Started

A. Introduction
II. Breaking Down Barriers

A. A Glance is Worth a Thousand Pick-up Lines
B. The Art of Conversation
C. Keeping it Going
III. Meeting Women Anywhere
A. Planning to Hook Up
B. Bookstores
C. Shopping for Love – and Vegetables!
D. Getting Playful in the Park
IV. Getting Creative – and a Bit Sneaky!

A. Don’t I Know You?
B. Getting Frisky with Flowers
V. Quick Pick-up Ideas

A. Making Beautiful Music
B. Competing for Attention
C. Techno Flirting
D. Hot News and Movie Magic
E. The Taste of Success
VI. Making the Date

A. When to Call
B. Making the Call
VII. The Big Day – Date Night!

A. Greeting Your Gal
B. Let the Conversation Begin!
C. Breaking it Down (A Quick Guide to Chat for the Evening)
D. What Comes Next?
E. Time to go Home
F. Setting up the Second Date
G. Let’s Review
VIII. General Tips

A. If at First You Don’t Succeed …
B. Go Get ‘em, Tiger!







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