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Discover Your IQ Potential – Unlock the Power of Your Mind Free

disccover your iq

Start using that gray matter to its fullest and watch in amazement as your IQ soars to exceptional heights.

Stretch your mental powers and become an IQ wizard. Stimulating and fun, these logic puzzles, mind-benders, mathematical teasers, and conundrums are a must-have for anyone serious about reaching his or her full potential. And they’re compiled by two of MENSA’s leading puzzle editors who really know something about giving the brain a workout. Each of the 20 sections contains 25 puzzles; no specialist knowledge is required to answer the questions, and hard and easy ones are randomly mixed. Solve them using standard mathematical or alphabetical calculations. (Some tables up front–including a multiplication table and lists of square, cube, and prime numbers–offer a little extra help for those in need.)






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